The Cost of Free Apps

We were just reading and their look at a recent study from Distimo that shows Android apps reduced in price demonstrate better results over the long term than discounted iOS apps, with an increase in revenue of 29 percent.

Remember, apps are free.

It’s tough being an Android developer these days. Not only do you have a variety of devices and OS versions to consider, but there’s also some 500,000 apps you’re competing with in the Android Market. You have to be creative, thinking of new marketing strategies and design implementations to launch an app that stands out. Discounted app prices, for instance, have shown to boost revenue, and this is particularly true for the Android Market

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CES: it’s all about what’s not there

J McGurk

Digi, the robot icon couldn’t make it to CES this year. Apparently he wasn’t alone. As this Fox News article points out:

“Usually, trade shows are all about playing with prototypes and spotting future trends. But at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which opened Tuesday in Las Vegas, what’s creating the most buzz is what’s not there.

But what’s not at the show are two components that could stifle the ultra yawns: Intel’s new mobile processors, which won’t appear until the spring, and Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system with touch features, which wasn’t ready in time for a CES debut.

Instead, the big Microsoft news has been that it’s abandoning CES. This will be its final appearance at the trade show, and CEO Steve Ballmer’s desultory final CES keynote didn’t exactly inspire the technorati. The Kinect gesture and voice recognition game controller will now (officially) work with PCs, and Windows 8 will be out later this year, according to Ballmer. The CEO also promised that current Windows 7 PCs will be able to run the new Window 8 software (translation: if it works on existing hardware, it’s not much of an upgrade).

Also failing to make an appearance are new gaming console models, updates to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, or Nintendo’s Wii. Nintendo has promised a new model, and Microsoft and Sony are rumored to be preparing announcements for this summer. and the DIY app store

As app stores see unbelievable growth, so do app makers.

The 2011 holiday season is ending with unprecedented activity at Goolfe and Apple – and also at with more thousands of new users joining the community to build their own apps for free and downloads swelling to over 1.5 million.

Mirroring record-setting activity in Android and Apple app stores over the holiday season, welcomed a swarm of first-time Do-it-Yourself app builders into its 60,000-user community, where anyone can build and publish apps to app stores for free.

Scott Hirsch, founder of, said “app stores saw unprecedented activity in 2011, and we predict the evolution will continue through 2012 as mobile device users grow from passive participants to active contributors in what can only be described as a digital phenomena that is driven by everyday people.”

This is backed up according to research released by mobile apps research firm Flurry, who found that nearly a quarter of a billion app downloads occurred on December 24th and again on Christmas Day 2011, which is more than double any other day in the history of Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

Apple’s App Store is predicted to close 2011 with about 10 billion app downloads, Flurry reported. Google’s Android Market, which in May 2011 recorded only 3 billion downloads, is predicted by Flurry to see over 10 billion cumulative downloads reached by year’s end.

As new mobile devices were activated over the holiday season, appsbar users helped drive the trend, with record numbers of new users joining the free community to build and publish their own personalized apps. Over the holiday weekend, appsbar welcomed 10,000 new app builders and saw a spike in the total downloads of appsbar-built apps, with more than 1.5 million downloads.

Hirsch said appsbar users’ apps each averaged 500 to 1,000 downloads within the first day of being published. appsbar’s additional look at download trends found that free apps were sustaining app store activity as users approach apps the same as websites and social networks: doorways to engaging friends and families or the businesses they support.

appsbar also noted that that appsbar apps that receive the most downloads are more dynamic and highly personalized. Popular downloads have more pages and offer access to social networks, videos, sound, online catalogs, and digital coupons.

“There has never been so much activity and opportunity for everyone in the app world,” said Hirsch. “With the on-going development of free tools, anyone can build an app that reflects their unique personality, interests, or business and share it with the world.”


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